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 How to become Dragons

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PostSubject: How to become Dragons   How to become Dragons I_icon_minitimeWed May 04, 2011 1:26 am

First we have to do the quest to make people accept us dragons before. Otherwise, we will talk about network npc August related to the mutation is not dragon.

1). When the 120 level for Success Tai Foster (96 182) City Bone Dragon Quest for the introduction of Thepmongkorn.

2). and then to send you the quest to Success Simon (212,118), land is left. I will complete the quest.

3). and then I get the quest. Strong body (1) and Success by Simon quest must be to eliminate Dragon wroth the 300 people within 30 minutes.

4). to send my quest to Success Simon then get the quest. Strong body (2) The quest will be to eliminate Demons who guard the 300 within 30 minutes.

5). to send Simon to Success and Success to find old eyes, and then he will take. The Ascending Dragon Soil Success Simon.

6). When brought Sent Success Simon will provide documents accepted into dragons to us that we bring this evidence to give to Success Time Peter and he will say that we will have access to the ceremony has become dragons now.

Production becomes crystal dragon

Will become a dragon. Or transform into a dragon, it must have become crystal dragon before we have to steam production limit of Bangkok by bringing out these raw materials. Packed into a crystal dragon

Crystal becomes a dragon with a core of mine to see the dragon, dragon blood themes, themes dragon heart, dragon bone marrow core. You can buy these materials at a gift shop employee becomes dragon (132,95) crystal money / banknotes for purchase.

How to become Dragons Indspi11

When we take raw materials, then the combination is at the heart of Professor dragon (136,76) to make it look like a business. Or up to the level of raw materials are common. If using a large number of operations. It was a very success as well. When finished, it will be Lv of the end of the object name.

How to become Dragons Indspi12

When assembly is complete, then all is to create a. Crystal Dragon has become the npc. Chang became crystal dragon (131,82), by the way it is similar to a common device, if we use material that has become crystal dragon Lv high output will be high as well.

How to become Dragons Indspi13
When it is completed we will receive. Crystal Dragon become.

The process becomes embedded crystal dragon

After production. Crystal Dragons then turned. Items to bring this piece to find. Professor becomes Dragons (127,89) to become embedded crystal dragon into ourselves.

How to become Dragons Indspi14

If players are not satisfied with the performance of the crystal become dragons. Crystal can become a new dragon up. And the embedded crystal dragon again!

Stimulation become dragons.

After crystals embedded into ourselves and Aqua to be different from the crystal dragon will not show anything out. It must stimulate the crystals into dragons wake up. Or transform into dragons sure enough, with the second method is to soak in the pool or buy blood jade dragon blood dragon

◎. Sa blood dragon
Go to Dragon City real talk with Perfect Cat Lee. (67,177) pay for the blood pool Dragon 10s [metal coin] and then on to our body is naked and ready to soak.

How to become Dragons Indspi15

When to dip and then look at the top right corner of the bar will be displayed. Crystal Dragon's ability to 100% if it will stimulate the dragon becomes successful (duration 30 minutes).

How to become Dragons Indspi16

While we soaked in water every 3 seconds, it will get Exp to free it by testing the level was 120 per 225,500 Exp and dragon blood in the pool. This is a light golden color. Of back and forth in it. " If we go into being a little, but it would be Hp Exp Exp to double from 225,500 to 405,100, but it became to be added only when we hit gold light only.

And at the bottom of this pool of blood dragon. Items also have a piece. Is. objects emit light when they make that Sam Hamm A chance to get items. While waiting they transform into dragons chasing this piece to keep the items I have ever.

How to become Dragons Indspi17

When over 30 minutes right hand corner of packages will be 100% fit, we will stimulate successful dragon. Our character will transform into a wing at the rear. Stimulation protocol, it shall be done offline into dragons. Sure enough, or transform into dragons. And contain symbols (Sink) up or it is. Crystal Dragon as we become embedded into the output has already The period is equal to the rank, the system will jar randomly between 30 to 60 minutes.

How to become Dragons Indspi18

◎. jade dragon blood.
But if someone does not want to waste time waiting for water is the devil can buy items. I have to press the transmute. The same can buy at a souvenir shop employees into dragon (132,95), Cities bone dragon Or click on the items purchased at all mall as well. The items, each piece is different as a result.

How to become Dragons Indspi19

1). If the characters transform. Then press the item (the table above) again. Time does not roll into the turn, but it's a hunt for the press to such us the fine jade dragon blood. This is a period of 24 hours if we went to press use. Blood Jade Dragon. Time it became 30 minutes offline.

2). If we die while transmute Conditions become dragons are still not gone, but if the game away. Time countdown will continue to Update.
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How to become Dragons
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