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 Hot Keys and Short Cuts

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Hot Keys and Short Cuts Empty
PostSubject: Hot Keys and Short Cuts   Hot Keys and Short Cuts I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 25, 2011 7:21 pm

F1 ~ F12: The first key column soon. If it is skill, right-click can be set to the default skills.
CTRL + TAB: The first fast switching of the first key column / two
0-9: Digital fast key column. If it is skill, right-click can be set to the default skills.

CTRL + Z: Automatic exercise key. Automatically searches for the recent attacks may be targeted, then a ﹝ CTRL + Z ﹞, end automatic practice.
CTRL + X: Switch attack mode, switch to full cycle of rotation
peace => Team Peace => Family Peace => Peace Corps => Union Peace => boundaries Peace => Justice and Peace => all peace.

Restore button
1. Have a choice target, lift the mouse, the selected target state.
2. Enter the text of the state, jumped off the input area.
3. Close the interface.
4. Open System Options interface.

1. Switch the input text state.
2. Send input text.

Print Screen: Capture, the picture is now saved as jpg files

A / W / S / D
Toward the left, up, down, right move at the same time
by aw / wd / ds / as / to move diagonally towards respectively.

Shift + A / W / S / D
Automatically continue to move forward until the lifting of any tap it.
~ or æ : Quickly pick up on the ground items
R : Stand off switch button
T: Riding up / down Mount: call out the mounts.
By double-take is: press the keyboard ﹝ T ﹞ that take the throne away double

Q / E : view left / right rotation.
Home : view homing
End : Zooming camera
PageUp / PageDown: view look up / look down

← ↑ ↓ → arrow keys

←: turn left lens
↑: zoom in
↓: zooming camera
→: shot to the right

C: Open roles / equipment interface information
B: Open the backpack information interface
V: Open skills information interface
N: Open the pet information interface
F: Turn around player / NPC interface
L: Open the task information interface
O: Open Community Information Interface
I: Open the emotional instruction, emotional bubble interface
M: Open the small map
Y: Open the world map
P: Open the message interface
K: Open stall interface

Ctrl + H: Hide / Expand all interfaces. Click Hide all interfaces, and then click Open
All interfaces in a hidden, press the "Enter": Show all interface and enter the input state.

H: Open the game that interface.
G: Follow the player and pressed the cursor changes, then click the target player will automatically follow.
J: Observation of the player, pressed the cursor changes, then click the target player will open the other equipment interfaces,
U: Players deal with the press after the cursor changes, then click the target player will open the transaction interface.
TAB: Message pointer to speak out when to switch channels.
Ctrl + C: Copy the information in the input column in the mouse, drag the selected text and paste it to the clipboard.
Ctrl + V: Paste the information, the information in the clipboard and paste into the input column, type the text message only.

/ S All within 10 * 10
/ Z All players with regional
/ Player name : Personal
/ P All players with party
/ H Guild Channel switch to direct speech
/ G Direct speech to the Legion Channel Switch
/ C switch to the National Channel Direct speech
/ K Switch to direct speech channel boundaries
/ W Switch to the channel directly address the global
/ F switch to the friends channel direct speech
/ O switch to a career channel speech
/ B switch to the channel directly address rumors

Ctrl +1: Switch to the ordinary channels
Ctrl +2: Switch to the regional channel
Ctrl +3: Switch to the team channel
Ctrl +4: Switch to the Family Channel
Ctrl +5: Switch to the Legion Channel
Ctrl +6: Switch to the national channels
Ctrl +7: to switch to the channel boundaries
Ctrl +8: Switch to the global channel
Ctrl +9 Switch to the Friends Channel
Ctrl +0: to switch to a career channel
Ctrl + -: switch to the rumor channels
Ctrl + R: Quick Reply object on a secret language
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Hot Keys and Short Cuts
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