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 Fishing Contest

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PostSubject: Fishing Contest   Fishing Contest I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 23, 2011 2:46 pm

Fishing Contest is an event which starts every day from 14:00-16:00 and 21:00-23:00. Anyone can start in just one day Event. To take part in it, we go to the NPC Fishing Talent (Skarabare (73.157)). To join the event we have a simple crowny the deposit (amount to be deposited depends on your lvl). The deposit is refundable if the duration of an event we will return to the NPC with the fish of the task.

Sport is as soon as possible 50 fish caught. When you talk to the NPC you give us a specific type of fish to catch. To catch a particular type of fish you need the appropriate bait and fishing rods (A). When you move the bait and the rod tip is what you are best to catch three fish. The fishery also has a meaning, not all fish can be caught in Cystal Lakeside, not that you need to catch the Forest Hunting Ground. In addition, while fishing in the Fishing Contest get various bonuses that you use the buttons or x (B). Bonus may be, for example focus (just grab the fish, which we need), or an immediate draw fish, and various types of attacks that make it difficult for competitors fishing close by like lightning stunujÄ…cy competitor for a moment whether the fog hiding his views.

After catching the fish that he requested the NPC Fishing talent we go to him. We'll get a reward of experience depending on the time it took for us to catch fish. An additional reward is also pandora boxes, which can pick up going into the Fishing ranking.

Fish FisheryFishing rod Bait
Crucian CarpCrystal Lakeside,
Forest Hunting Ground
Silver RodDecoy Lure
Rock FishCrystal Village, Crystal LakesideGolden Fishing RodDecoy Lure
Crystal FishCrystal Village, Crystal LakesideBamboo Fishing RodGrain Bait
CatfishCrystal Lakeside,
Forest Hunting Ground
Golden Fishing RodMeat Bait
CaribeForest Hunting Ground Silver RodMeat Bait
Silver CarpCrystal Village,
Forest Hunting Ground
Silver RodGrain Bait
Bluegill FishCrystal Village,
Forest Hunting Ground
Bamboo Fishing RodDecoy Lure
Crab Crystal Village, Crystal Lakeside,
Forest Hunting Ground
Bamboo Fishing Rod Meat Bait
Carp Crystal Village,
Crystal Lakeside
Golden Fishing Rod Grain Bait

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Fishing Contest
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