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 Hunting Moles

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PostSubject: Hunting Moles   Hunting Moles I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 23, 2011 1:02 pm

Event associated with the Gophers are available daily between the hours of 11:30-12:25, 18:30-19:25 and 02:30-03:25.

To take part you should talk to Wheat Field Guardian: Green Sea (200.59)
Guardian informs us that if we drive out to the end Shrewmousy event we will be rewarded.

Our goal: is to hit 100 Moles, To do this we need to buy the Mole Gopher Mallet Mallet Seller (Green Sea (198.59)).

We can choose three colors hammers. Depending on what we buy at such Shrewy hunt. If you choose red for each slapped red Shrew get one point for every other color that we lose a hit point. It is worth mentioning that the hammer has a strength of 100 beats, so if we find a different color will be forced to spend the next Crowny. Shrewy appear every few seconds, then we have a few seconds to hit them, then they disappear and reappear elsewhere.

The reward for the task is experience.
*TRESURE MOLES These will appare randomly, they are the color "light shade of purple" and will get you a tresurebox.

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Hunting Moles
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