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PostSubject: CLAY GATHERING CONTEST   CLAY GATHERING CONTEST I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 31, 2011 7:15 pm

king This will be our first Legion contest, hurray for that! Okay we have been thinking about how to do this contest for 2 weeks now and we think we have found a good way to do it! Anyways the theme is gather clay as that is something we can use and it will be okay easy to find a (some) winners aswell!

Contest Date 5th Feb 2011
Time 13:00gt to 14:00gt

Sceenshot have to be taken in the timezone 12:58- 12:59 of all your backpacks (also Extradimensionals backpacks!) The screenshot has to be taken inside the clayfield of course!

Example: What the screenshot shall have included!


The one member with the most clay after an hour wins the 1st prize the one with 2nd most clay get 2nd prize and so on!
If some members has the same amount as one of the winning prizes they'll get the same prize (wich means more than one member can get the 1st place and 2nd and 3rd)

Like a Star @ heaven Finding the winner: At precisely 14:00gt everyone takes a new sceenshot, then you go to this thread and add both the before and after picture below! Like a Star @ heaven

** Prizes **
1st place 1g 50s soul crowns
2nd place 1g soul crowns
3rd place 50s soul crowns

All others who joins the event gets 25s soul crowns
(All prices awarded in items, which you then sell to your Imamu)

Any questions please ask below v

Huggs from An'lia and Liandra
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