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 Corrections Highest priority

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Corrections Highest priority Empty
PostSubject: Corrections Highest priority   Corrections Highest priority I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 25, 2011 3:31 pm

Category 1 – Highest priority:

* Class balancing
o Adjustments: Summonings of the Conjurer
o Adjustments: Ranger skills like "Horror Arrow"
o We would like to have a look at the Knight and his role in game
o Check: the reports of players that the Berserk is to weak
o Check: healing spells in relation to dealt damage
+ Check: How to make support-classes more useful
* Adjustments: time you must wait before logging in after disconnects
* More GMs in game
* Creation of a team full of players which would like to help others (answering questions, helping with problems and so on)
* Server stability
o Increased number of players
* Making the procedure for fixing bugs faster and better
* Implementation of some features of the original version of King of Kings 3
o auto-gathering
o Hero – Gurej: More items, adjusted prizes
o Implementation of the NPC who buys collectable items
o Implementation of the NPC to get items against merits
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Corrections Highest priority
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