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 How to set your PVP right!

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How to set your PVP right! Empty
PostSubject: How to set your PVP right!   How to set your PVP right! I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 22, 2011 11:06 pm

How to set your PVP right! Indspi17
Just so you don't shoot the wrong ppl at the wrong time! In the left corner you see you avatar icon, and next to that there is a smalle bar with pvp settings!

When you look the standart setting might be peace! If you haven't touched it at all.. and if you are not pvp active this should be a green icon with a shild and not red with swords like mine is!
How to set your PVP right! Indspi18
When you click the Peace there will be other titles to choose from. Look to the left!

If you hold the mouse over you can see a short decription on what they do, I prefere the title Alliance Territory as this one makes you able to only hit enemy/hostile players and not allied!
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How to set your PVP right!
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