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 Selling with Imamu

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Selling with Imamu Empty
PostSubject: Selling with Imamu   Selling with Imamu I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 22, 2011 4:24 pm

I allways recomment that you use your Imamu to sell stuff to. Unless you really need normal crowns! Then you ether sell to other players or npcs!

Selling with Imamu Indspi12

First step is to clik the Automatic i... ^^

Selling with Imamu Indspi15

This is my prefered settings for selling stuff, it allows you to keep materials to make amour and sell the stuff you want to sell. The 1st 2 rows in you backpack are for the stuff you "wish not to sell."
When you think you are ready to sell, press "selling Im..."

Selling with Imamu Indspi16

All the highlighted stuff is the stuff that will be sold if you press "Confirm"
you can see both the number of items and what you get form them aswell

OBS! Columns is like, if you choose 2 columns it is the first 2 rows that you wont sell stuff from.

*Note: If you want more normal crowns I recommed selling following to an npc:
Armour and weapons (both green, yellow, blue and white), these will give you the best amount of silver crowns

**Note: It is always best to have a full backpack before you sell as it costs 2 Imamu spirit no matter how many things you sell at a time

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Selling with Imamu
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